About Us

Fikrimuhal offers Artificial Intelligence and Big Data consulting and software development services to large enterprises and high-growth startups.

We build distributed data ingestion, processing, storage, reporting and warehousing systems that scale to many petabytes. We have built Machine Learning systems that serve real-time predictions to millions of customers.

We have broad experience in AI and Big Data processing technologies including the Apache Hadoop ecosystem, Spark, and Kafka. We are mostly using Kubernetes as the deployment target.

What We Offer

  • Opportunity to have a large impact. You will work with some of the largest and well-known companies to design their AI and data infrastructure.

  • Top-of-the-market salary, insurance, free meals, free transportation to and from work. No team member has ever left us because they got a higher offer from another company in Turkey, and we would like to keep it that way.

  • Unrivaled career development opportunities. We will guide your learning process in the latest technologies and paradigms in the data-intensive software area. We are happy to fund courses, certification and travel. We will also help you develop your personal brand and become a well-known thought leader in the AI industry. We will help you give talks in the most prestigious conferences, produce blog posts, write books, etc.

  • Great teammates focused on constant self-improvement. You will learn a lot from your colleagues, and we hope to learn from you as well! Fikrimuhal is led by deeply technical founders with significant experience in bringing state-of-the-art products and services to the market.

  • If you have plans to start your own company in the future, we will provide you the opportunity to contribute to aspects of the business other than pure consulting or software development. You will learn our enterprise sales process, account management, HR recruitment, accounting, etc. - but only if you are interested!

  • Since we are a fast-growing startup, you will have a big impact on our services, products and technology. As the Fikrimuhal team grows, so will your responsibilities and influence.

You will mostly work on-site at our clients' premises, but our office provides a distraction-free, quiet working and learning environment whenever you need one.

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Current openings

  • Istanbul, Turkey
Data Scientist
  • Remote job
Senior Python Backend Engineer
  • Istanbul, Turkey
Junior Frontend Developer
  • Istanbul, Turkey